Nostalgic background to the famous Gantt organizational chart

Are you not in the least bit curious? Would you not like to know where the term Gantt originated? Indeed, not all websites, not even will have time or space to tell you the full story. Fair enough, they have more immediate and important tasks to attend to. That being said go to these websites and learn how to install, operate and manage these charts. If you consider yourself to be an old school pen and paper administrator, over time, with discipline and patience, you will soon learn that these programs are easy to install and operate.

Are you not curious to find out where and how the first flow chart came into being? Did you not perhaps detect the clue? The clue being that this Gantt concept stretches way before desktop software programs came to be utilized regularly by all administrators. These guides generally begin with a strong motivation for utilizing such charts. You could call this an anecdotal introduction. It softens the blow for the first steps that lie ahead.

This is the case for the old school operators who are still struggling to come to terms with the necessity and advantages of using software admin and accounting tools today, as opposed to doing things manually. Millenials, you cannot blame them, wonder how you have managed to survive so far in business today. Ah, but you see, you have had years of experience. So chins up, ladies and gentlemen, the paradigm shift is challenging, but your previous work experience and code of ethics will pull you through the first and only series of technological humps.

As an old school administrator, you are more than likely a method man or stickler for detail. Curiosity or not, you would want to know how the Gantt concept and methodologies came into being. You are in luck because, go online with your familiar search engine keyword bang, and you will find reams of fascinating information to read through. That is another feather in your cap. You are familiar with and enjoy the processes of extensive reading and research, online or in book form.

Let us motivate you to get to work with your first installation by closing this article with some historical tidbits. The online dictionary definition states that the Gantt chart is a series of horizontal lines that dictate the amount of work completed over periods of time seen against the projected time frames also recorded in the chart.

The Gantt chart is also described as a bar chart. It is designed to illustrate customized project schedules, work tasks and staff recordings, among other typical administrative functions. The original bar chart was invented by one Henry Gantt during the first years of the previous century way, way before the first computer monitors and hard drives were placed on our desks. 

That, surely, short and sweet, is more than enough information to whet your appetite for more and put you in the mood for creating your first desktop charts. Enjoy your work.